I enjoy hiking ALMOST as much as throwing my body out of a plane. One of many reasons I still live in Boston!. These are some pictures from my annual assault on Mt. Washington, New England's highest peak (6288 ft).

Here is Mt. Washington, shot from an outcrop called the Boot Spur. The bottom portion is the famous Tuckerman's Ravine where people ski it's treacherous slopes through May!
Another shot of Mt. Washington. No wonder they call it "The Rockpile"
View up close and personal with the final ascent
View from the Summit. Today was a rare day, you could actually see something! Most of the time the summit is clouded in, and the maximum temperature is in the lower 70s.
Mt. Washington has one thing most mountains don't, a Cafeteria. That and bathrooms, a gift shop, and most importantly (for those of you that know me well) a coke machine.
Another view from the top. You can see the Cog Railway, which takes tourists to the top. There is also an auto road where you can drive up. I prefer my legs.